Posted by: winterwitch | August 24, 2009

Sanity Saver! Crayola Color Wonder Products. Birthday Party GIVEAWAY!

Go Graham Go


Sanity Saver! Crayola Color Wonder Products.

Birthday Party GIVEAWAY!

Monday, August 24, 2009 Posted by Felicia

“Mama, I want to paint,” are the famous words around our house lately. Graham has recently taken to the world of arts and crafts which is wonderful but MESSY! I am so glad I was introduced to this sanity saving line by Crayola called Color Wonder! Honestly, when you are thinking about birthday gifts, this is a great idea for an inexpensive gift that moms and dads will appreciate (ie: no loud noises, batteries, or mess to clean up).

Before Color Wonder finger painting was a HUGE production! We would have to get out all the painting supplies, make a place suitable for painting in the house (if weather did not permit outdoors), have cleaning supplies on hand, and then take forever to clean up after. Now, it is as simple as getting out the Color Wonder Fingerpaints Case and paper. It actually won the 2009 Creative Child Magazine’s seal of excellence award. The special gel is clear and only show color once applied to the Color Wonder paper. Graham has rubbed it all over his clothes, the table, and me and there have been no stains or even color that shows. The case has the colors clearly marked on the lids and includes a sponge for wiping the gel. Graham honestly has a ton of fun with this because it is so stress free (ok.. and so do I)!

Graham finger painting with color wonder by Crayola

We were also sent the Color Wonder Brush Tips Coloring Set, Stow and Go Studio, Disney Glitter Paper Set, and Cars Markers and Coloring Pad. Of course, all of them hold the same Color Wonder “magical” attributes of only coloring on the special paper (not skin or clothing). Each marker actually has a white tip with the color shown on the cap and end of the marker. The Stow and Go is nice for trips to provide a place to keep the coloring pads and markers. We actually took it with us on a weekend trip and found the hard surface perfect for drawing in the car. The Glitter Paper Set is perfect if you have a little one who loves things that sparkle! There’s no need for glitter and glue because it is built into the paper and shows up when you color! The Brush Tips give the feel of a paint brush in a marker!

There are so many different Color Wonder products to choose from and with prices around $9.99 they make the perfect gift idea! I know that I am going to keep these in mind for future birthday parties. What kid doesn’t like to color and what parent doesn’t enjoy a mess free environment?


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