Posted by: winterwitch | August 24, 2009

Sunshine Burgers & Leslie Loves Veggies Giveaway

Sunshine Burgers & Leslie Loves Veggies Giveaway

Sunshine Burgers Giveaway -3 Winners-

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Gotta Veggie Burger Treat for Y’all today!!!
My Friends at Sunshine Burgers are surprising some Leslie Loves Veggies Readers with some coupons for some GREAT Sunshine Burgers!

Sunshine Burgers are made of sunflower seeds and contain absolutely no soy or wheat, which is ideal for gluten free diets. They are Delicious too and so EASY to prepare! Burgers are oven baked so you just need to heat and serve!!!


  • Original Sunshine Burger
  • Garden Herb Sunshine Burger
  • South West Sunshine Burger
  • Barbecue Sunshine Burger
  • Falafel Sunshine Burger
  • Breakfast Sunshine Patty

20 years ago when I became a Vegetarian, I served my poor Hubby a veggie burger! I spruced it all up! Put it on a whole wheat bun, with ketchup, lettuce, piled it high with farm fresh tomatoes!! It LOOKED Beautiful! After taking one bite. HUBBY spit it out and said “I ain’t eatin’ this! This isn’t a Veggie Burger! This is a MIMIC BURGER!”

Well, HUBBY eats Sunshine Burgers and I don’t hear any complaining.. just a lot of happy chewing!

THREE (3) Leslie Loves Veggies Readers are going to be receiving 2 coupons each for Sunshine Burger Products (These are $5.00 Coupons Folks!!!!)


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