Posted by: winterwitch | August 24, 2009

TJ Maxx, Marshalls, & Jolly Mom’s Giveaway

Jolly Mom’s Giveaway

TJ Maxx & Marshalls: Off-price shopping is smart shopping! {Giveaway}

12:50 PM Posted by Jolly Mom

I’m a bargain shopper–always have been. My mom raised me that way! She did, however, also teach me that a bargain should NOT mean giving up on quality! You just have to know where to shop. That’s why we {both my mom and me} have been TJ Maxx and Marshalls shoppers since forever! My mom alone probably keeps them in business {lol}! Seriously. When TJ Maxx and Marshalls offered me a chance to spend $25 at each store–I was ecstatic!!

I got my gift cards a couple of weeks ago and off I went to shop! Man. I love these stores. My only problem? Deciding what to spend my money on! Right now, you can find some amazing deals {on already great prices!} on Summer must-haves like grill accessories, gourmet bbq sauces and drink mixes to fun glass and serving-ware. Plus, you can also find stylish clothing and accessories perfect for the end of Summer! Check out these great finds!

I, however, have an addiction to sleep wear–don’t ask me why, but I have always been like that so I ALWAYS head to the sleep wear area when I shop at TJ Maxx and Marshalls. They always have the cutest nighties at unbelievable prices–usually $14.99 and below. You’ll find top brands like Jones of New York, Calvin Klein, and more. Love it! I left Marshalls with a really cute, high quality two piece pajama set perfect for the end of Summer! I also got the really cute blue shirt pictured below! Total for both was under $30!

By the time I got to TJ Maxx I was feeling guilty that I hadn’t bought anything for Lucas {I’m a mom–what can I say?} so I headed to the toy section. Their toy selection is pretty big. I found a bunch of toys from the Disney movie, Cars and I knew that Lucas would flip out over them so I had to get them! I got him the Disney / Pixar CARS Movie Exclusive Mini Adventures Cruisin’ At Flo’s 6 Piece Gift Pack for $9.99–retails at Amazon for $34.20! I saved almost $25!! I also purchased the Disney Pixar Cars- Lights & Sounds Sheriff for $16.99–retails at Toys R Us for $22.99! I saved $6! That is what I call a STEAL!!

I know most moms have already switched their thinking from Summer to Fall–TJ Maxx and Marshalls has you covered! Check out these cute back-to-school fashions and supplies for kids:

One thing that I do want to mention is that most people think that merchandise at TJ Maxx and Marshalls is defective or from previous seasons–this is not true! They get over 10,000 NEW items every week {at each store} so there is always a fresh selection and most of the clothing is from THIS SEASON!


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