Posted by: winterwitch | August 25, 2009

Serendipity Soap Works & Hands House & Heart Giveaway


I have yet another wonderful Etsy shop to tell y’all about–Serendipity Soap Works. Y’all this is some delicious smelling bath stuff! I really wish that y’all could smell it through the screen, it’s that awesome.

Here’s a little “snippit” from the owner:

My name is Erin Muse, and here at Serendipity Soap Works, we are a family ran business between my husband and I, where we make everything by hand, all the way down to the labels and packaging of our products.

We have been in the soap making business for about 2 years now, ever since we moved to Colorado Springs, Colorado, where my husband is stationed at Peterson AFB. We began doing research on Colorado and found that soap making would be a great market to get into. So we then switched our research to learn everything we could about making soap and other handmade bath and body products. What we found was not only a wonderful hobby, but also a different way of treating our skin.

We became so confident with this new way of cleaning and so confident in our products that we decided to introduce this new revelation to the public by participating in craft shows and setting up a website. At these craft shows I would see other soapers, and notice that their way of presenting their products with the packaging and their booth layout was very different from ours.

Our packaging look is more for the spa environment…it’s kind of fancy, but we use mostly the same ingredients and a lot of the same scents as these other soapers. And we sell our products for almost the same price as other soapers.

But in participating in craft shows, we found that our energy would be best spent at home, taking more of an online approach in selling our products. And in this, we have found that it is much more convenient and we can focus more of our time on our customer base, our products, and research for newer and fresher ideas for our product line.

Here at Serendipity Soap Works, we provide top notch customer service and strive to make our customers have a positive experience with us. And if not, then we try to do what’s right in correcting any dissatisfaction.

Check out my blog at where I talk about soap care, networking ideas, and just my every day happenings. And I am totally open to any non-soap related topics.

I was lucky enough to receive a 4 oz. Bath Salts in Coconut Lemongrass. Y’all it smelled so good…it made me think of warm summer days sitting around the pool…I’ve saved some of it for winter just for that very reason. It’s a very tropicalicious (yes, I’m making up words now–that would be tropical and delicious btw) smell. I also received 2 bath bombs which just fizzed and fizzed and fizzed some more…releasing yet more delicious smelling odors into my bathroom. Y’all this stuff isn’t offending to your nostrils in any way. It’s not too strong, not so soft that it can’t be smelled either–it’s perfectly done. I was also privileged enough to be sent a small lip balm in Cucumber Melon. It has a real light scent–just enough to let you know it’s there. It isn’t greasy like some other lip balms and it doesn’t burn or feel as though I’ve just slathered 10 lbs. of stuff on my lips. Once again–perfectly done.

Now get this–Erin also sent me a bar of soap…let me tell you I’ve had fun reviewing this stuff–what woman wouldn’t?! All of their soaps are made using the cold process method. If you are unfamiliar, check out Erin’s blog for details on the different ways to make soap! The soap lathered nicely (unlike some homemade soaps) and smelled wonderful while in the shower. It rinsed clean as well–no sticky, “residuey” feeling left. I stepped out of the shower, toweled off and didn’t feel the need to put any lotion on. I didn’t need it. The oils in the soap did a wonderful job moisturizing my skin and eliminating an extra step.



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