Posted by: winterwitch | August 26, 2009

Calafant Toys & Thrifty Chic Mom Giveaway

Calafant Toys Giveaway

August 21, 2009 by Ellen
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Carriage-color-384x195Do you struggle with creativity? I know I do and sometimes I feel like my kids never have any exciting art projects to do. Then I discovered Creative Toy Shop and their line of Calafant cardboard toys. Calafant makes high quality cardboard toys that your child decorates and them assembles. They are very easy to assemble and so much fun to decorate. The toys come in all kinds of sizes from giant castles that work with playmobile figures to smaller boats and planes. I was sent a party pack of Calafant smaller toys and we have had lots of fun with them. My daughter wanted to open them all herself and just do them all day long one after another! They are perfect for a child’s birthday party or any get together with kids. Each toy comes with its own set of markers but you can use any type of art instrument to decorate them. We had fun painting and coloring and even gluing things on.  Weeks later my daughter still adds to them and plays with them, they have taken quite a beating but still look great. If you are looking for a fun craft for your next birthday party or just to stimulate your child’s imagination check out Creative Toy Shop.


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