Posted by: winterwitch | August 26, 2009

TJ Maxx, Marshalls, & Thrifty Chic Mom Giveaway

TJ Maxx & Marshalls Back to School Giveaway

August 17, 2009 by Ellen
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I try to spend my money at places that support my valuesalthough sometimes costforces me to go where I can get the best deal. So when my favorite place turns out to be run by a fantastic company I am thrilled. As you may remember I posted a few weeks ago about being invited to go to TJ Maxx & Marshalls headquarters in Boston. I had to pass due to being pregnant and the complications I have had in the past near the end of my pregnancies. Tj Maxx & Marshalls understood, where very kind about it stating they completely agree family comes first. They promised to invite me next year and it was left on a positive note. I was very disappointed not to go but looked forward to future collaborations. Then I got an email from the fabulous PR contact telling me they still wanted to send me a goody bag since I couldn’t come. I was very touched by this generosity, they could have left it as it was since their were no bad feelings. It gets even better… I got my goody package the other day only to find out they sent me EVERYHTING the attendees got, they wanted to make sure I got to experience the event as much as possible from home. I can not express how excited this made me, not only did they send some fabulous goodies ( I mean it is TJ Maxx & Marshalls I expect no less), but they demonstrated to me that they as a company truly do care about my role as a mom and it’s priority it is not just words.

Now not only will I continue shopping at TJ Maxx & Marshalls but I will happily support a company who values people and their families and I hope you will too. Both TJ Maxx & Marshalls are the perfect place for back to school shopping they have everything you need from clothes to lunch boxes and back packs. And for mom some super cute new fall outfits to run after your kdis in. I have 1 TJ Maxx $25 GC and 1 Marshalls $25 GC to giveaway. In a comment tell me which you want and why, it’s that easy!


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