Posted by: winterwitch | August 27, 2009

Kidorable & Go Graham Go Giveaway

Kidorable. So Cute You’ll Cry. Birthday Party GIVEAWAY!

Thursday, August 27, 2009 Posted by Felicia


Go Graham Go

I am a sucker for clothing and accessories that are unique and stand out. What mom isn’t really. I am so excited to introduce you all to Kidorable. If you haven’t already seen them, you really must check out what they’ve got going on! They’ve even been featured on the Today Show.

We were sent the Frog Rain Coat, Boots, and Umbrella. I’m not kidding, when I opened the box I cried because they are so sweet! We actually got them just in time as well. As soon as I opened the box and took it up to my mother’s house to show it off, and a down pour came! Graham had the chance to try it all out right then and there. He is in LOVE with his boots especially! He immediately started showing them off and went searching for the pockets on his rain coat. Once I opened the umbrella he had a new best friend! Later that day we went out to eat and he of course was still wearing his rain boots, and we got at least 5 different compliments on them.


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