Posted by: winterwitch | August 29, 2009

Aurora Plush Toys & A Happy Hippy Mom Giveaway

Aurora Plush Toys

A Happy Hippy Mom Giveaway

I may be 29 (cough… for the past several years), but I still happen to love plush toys. There is something about a cute cuddly stuffed animal that still warms my heart and brings a smile to my face.   My two kiddos also share my adoration for stuffed animals and the first place they are gravitated to in a toy store is the fuzzy critter aisle.  Between my children and myself, we have a rather extensive plush toy collection. Each toy is treasured and most of them are tied to a significant sentimental occasion or event. Some of the plush toys even have a hidden meaning behind them and when I pick one up, it brings back a fond memory.

I would like you to become acquainted with two of the newest additions to my families plush animal collection.  These two little snuggly cuties come from the Aurora Plush Toys YooHoo and Friends product line.


Aurora Squirrel

The Squirrel is 8″ tall, reddish brown, has big pink eyes, white accents, and when its tummy is pressed makes the sweetest little “chitter”  sound.   My daughter said the sound was addicting and couldn’t keep her hands off its soft belly.  Too cute!


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