Posted by: winterwitch | August 30, 2009

Eden Allure & Prissy Green Giveaway

Eden Allure 100% Pure Argan Oil, Review and Giveaway

August 29, 2009 by Karissa
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illustrationgoldEden Allure goes that extra mile to bring you the finest line of Moroccan Argan oil based products. They believe in only using the most refined Moroccan Argan oil possible. This ensures that our customers are getting the finest in Moroccan Argan oil skin, hair, and body care. They also put our Argan oil through a steamed, deodorizing process to avoid any chemical additives, and to eliminate the natural “nutty” odor which many people find too overbearing for skin care use.

We strive to bring you the finest in natural skin care, while at the same time serving to promote the advancement of a long oppressed group of women. By purchasing fairly-traded Argan oil from the Berber women of Morocco, we help to fund social improvements in a part of the world where women do not generally make much money. We firmly believe that a person makes his living by what he obtains, and makes his life by what he gives. That is why we will donate a portion of our proceeds to a wonderful charitable organization known as Global Fund for Women. This charity aids in providing relief to abused and impoverished women all around the world.



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