Posted by: winterwitch | August 30, 2009

Random Line & Gobs of Giveaways Giveaway

Random Line – Review & Giveaway

Our house loves games and thanks to RandomLine we now own their newest game: Squiggle Connect.

Now I must admit, I can’t draw to save my sole, but with Squiggle Connect I didn’t have to worry about embarrassing myself as everyone that was playing were all in the same boat.
First you roll the dot cube–this determines how many dots you place on your dry ease board, then you roll the connect cube–this determines what type of line (curved, half circle, jagged, etc) will connect the dots you drew earlier. You then get 60 seconds to draw something creative from the dots and lines formed. The first time I played, I rolled 3 dots and half-circle lines…from this I ended up drawing a car driving by the bus stop:) I didn’t get great points, but at least I drew something unlike my partner in crime who drew monkey bars and that was it:) Sorry honey, this might be a game I can beat you at!

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