Posted by: winterwitch | September 2, 2009

Zevia & Leslie Loves Veggies Giveaway

Zevia, Nature’s Answer to Diet Soda – 5 Winners!

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Click – pfizzz – ahhhh -bubble bubble bubble!! 🙂
That was me opening and enjoying an Icy Cold Can of Zevia!! Oh you don’t know what Zevia is? Let me fill ya in.

ZEVIA is the first all natural zero calorie soda. With only pure ingredients, ZEVIA contains none of the chemically processed artificial sugar substitutes, artificial flavors or artificial colors found in other diet sodas. ZEVIA is all-natural, has zero calories, zero net carbs, zero fat, and little or no sodium (depending on flavor).

Zevia is sweetened with Stevia, a natural herb from the rainforest known as “sweet leaf”.


  • Natural Cola
  • Natural Orange
  • Natural Twist
  • Natural Root Beer
  • Natural Black Cherry
  • Natural Ginger Ale

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