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Accent Furniture Direct & Blessings Abound Giveaway

1st Blogoversary Party Giveaway #3: Accent Furniture Direct notNeutral Brown Links Espresso Set!

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Here’s to our 3rd giveaway in celebration of my 1st Blogoversary!

Accent Furniture Direct

accent furniture direct logo

Meet the Company:

Based in Boston, CSN Stores LLC began in 2002 and has grown rapidly into a Top 3 online U.S. retailer of home and office goods with 400+ employees. Beyond providing unparalleled selection and customer service to our U.S. customers, CSN Stores has opened its doors to online shoppers from Canada and the United Kingdom, as well. Recently, CSN was named to the Hot 100 List of online retailers for 2009.

A $200 million company, CSN Stores LLC regularly adds more than 10,000 products per month to our 200+ Web sites, which include:,,,,,,, and

Beyond serving as a source for new and exciting products, we also have experts for general articles and segments ranging from the latest in online shopping/e-commerce to design trends in home and office furniture and décor. Please stay tuned for newsworthy trend information, as well as other efforts showcasing our “Thrifty Fifty” selections (50 items under $50) and our newest, innovative lines.

CSN Stores has been the best kept secret in home and office goods shopping on the Web for more than six years. But now we’re letting everyone know about what we can offer. With headquarters in the Prudential Center, prime Boston office space, we have plans to continue our expansion this year.

We invite you to check our recent news, our candid conversations between CSN founders, Niraj Shah and Steven Conine, our Facts At A Glance, and other background information telling you who we are and why we offer one of the top shopping experiences on the Web.

As you will read, CSN Stores, LLC offers unparalleled customer service with highly trained customer representatives, the best selection of home and office furniture and accessories anywhere, and significant savings –- all simultaneously. Many sites can claim one of these benefits, but what makes us unique is that we offer all three at the same time.

notneutral brown links espresso set blessings abound mommy

Through the Mom Trials: Accent Furniture Direct has a large variety of home accents and furniture to outfit your whole home!  Whether you’re looking for pieces to enhance your home or home office, they’ve got it covered with a multitude of quality and brand trusted furniture, home decor, and home accessories.  I was given the opportunity to receive the nonNeutral Brown Links Espresso Set and what a find it is!  This espresso set is adorned with a modern styled bicycle chain link design in a brown color that makes it a stylish addition to anyone’s kitchen and together with it’s cute packaging would make a fantastic gift for a house warming party, wedding, coffee connoisseur, and for those that love getting new kitchen gadgets or accessories!

I like the small 2 oz. cup size that’s ideal for a coffee lover who likes to enjoy every robust, coffee filled moment!  No matter if it’s espresso, coffee, hot chocolate, or tea, I like to savor the flavor and take my time to drink my hot drink of choice slowly and with bigger cup sizes, I tend to not drink it fast enough before the last little bit of my drink gets cold.  This set is the solution to my problem and I can drink my hot cup of choice to the very last drop without having to dump any cold liquid out.  The cups fits comfortably in your hands and are also the ideal size for entertaining and having the right size of espresso with that delicious dessert that pairs perfectly with a cup of java.  The cups and saucers are also a treasure for those who have limited storage area in their kitchen as the cups stack together nicely, making it easy to store and save much needed space on your counter tops or kitchen cabinets.  These espresso cups and saucers are made out of porcelain and are also microwave and dishwasher safe.



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