Posted by: winterwitch | September 6, 2009

Keruig & Shopping Mama Giveaway

Keurig Platinum Brewer Review + Giveaway

The Keurig Platinum single cup brewing system is my new best friend – and it can be yours, too. If you drink coffee every day or have different style coffee drinkers in your house or entertain, this is an amazing kitchen gadget to have. The Keurig Platinum Brewer is the best of the best for home single cup coffee brewing.

What is Keurig?
The Keurig brewing system offers gourmet coffee drinkers a top quality, coffee house cup of coffee with the convenience of brewing immediately in your own kitchen. The Keurig brewer makes a fine cup of coffee in under a minute and takes away all the guesswork from brewing a consistently great cup of coffee.

Easy to Use
I was a little intimidated by the Keurig and thought it’d take a little getting used to. I couldn’t have been more wrong. It’s uber-easy. You (1) fill the reservoir will water, (2) put your K-Cup in the brewer, (3) pick from one of 5 cup sizes and (4) hit the brew button. That’s it! Literally moments later you have a delicious cup of coffee made specifically to your taste. And, that yumminess isn’t spoiled with cleaning because it’s a total breeze. All you do is remove the used K-Cup and throw it away.
Fully Programmable The Platinum Brewer can be programmed to meet your needs.
* On / Off. You can program the Brewer to be ready to brew starting at a specific time each morning, to remain on for a specified period of time following the last brew or to turn off at a certain time. (The brewer takes 3.5 minutes to warm up from room temperature if not “on” and ready to brew.)
* Brew Temperature. Love this feature! I don’t like my coffee too hot and I don’t want to wait for it to cool if I don’t have to so we have ours set towards the lower end.

The K-Cup is to Keurig what the traditional coffee beans and filter are to a typical coffee maker. The patented K-Cup is a single portion of coffee, tee or hot chocolate in a small plastic container with foil lid. The Keurig machine punctures the top and bottom of the cup so it acts as a filter. K-Cups are available in literally hundreds of varieties, flavors, and now even iced teas.

You can purchase K-Cups at local stores, including Target, or order from Keurig online. We’re signing up for the Coffee Club because Keurig has a HUGE selection of K-Cups and the Coffee Club offers some discounts and free shipping.

To Buy… The Keurig has turned me into a daily coffee drinker. It’s convenient, delicious and ridiculously easy to use. It’s perfect for a home like mine – I like flavored, sweet coffee and my husband prefers something stronger. We can each brew a cup just the way we like without brewing a full pot (only to waste half) and without spending $10 so we can each get what we want at a coffee shop.

Or Not to Buy… If you brew a full pot of coffee and its consumed in an hour or two, a single cup brewing system probably isn’t necessary. K-Cups are more expensive than traditional coffee – (about $14 for a box of 22 – 24) – but you can also buy a My K-Cup filter so you can use regular ground coffee in your Keurig.

Shop! The Keurig Platinum Brewing System is $169.95. Order a Keurig online and receive free shipping on any brewing system


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