Posted by: winterwitch | September 6, 2009

Two Leaves and a Bud Tea & Leslie Loves Veggies Giveaways

two leaves and a bud tea company {Giveaway} 3 Winners

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I love Tea. I am not sure I ever had good tea before. UNTIL I had
two leaves and a bud tea.

They start with great whole leaf organic tea. They use only premium teas, grown in selective traditional tea growing regions, using authentic growing methods. Only the finest growers and best harvests are chosen.

two leaves and a bud teas have received praise and awards from around the world, including a Best New Tea award for 2005-2006 from the Specialty Coffee Association of the United States. In 2006, their Earl Grey Tea won the Peoples Choice Award at the Great Canadian Tea Steep-Off.

two leaves and a bud is Certified Organic through QAI and CERES. All but 3 of our teas are USDA Certified Organic.

What I LOVE about two leaves and a bud

  • Their website! It is so easy to navigate and they explain all the different teas by category. If you have any doubt about what type of tea you might want, peruse the site and you will be delighted to find a tea to suite your taste! Then when you find the tea you like, it is described in detail!
  • Tea Sachets. These are NOT your normal tea bag. OH NO! Their sachets are made of biodegradable cornstarch based nylon, not petroleum based nylon. They are pyramid shaped to allow the whole leaves to circulate and infuse properly, without the mess of brewing loose leaf tea. Tea Sachets are filled with super-premium whole leaf tea.
  • THE TEA!! I got to sample some delicious teas! I have to be honest. When I opened the box, I was a little disappointed. Everything looked so BEAUTIFUL, and I inhaled deeply and NO SMELL! I was surprised! Then I quickly noticed that EACH Sachet is individually wrapped to stay FRESH! Well, when I opened the first tea, the the fragrance was released! Ahhh

Tea Giveaway

I was Blessed to have the Organic Peppermint Tea when I had a bad tummy ache! I had been up most of the night! It felt like the Devil was poking my tummy with a pitch fork! I had a cup and it really did settle my stomach and I was able to get on with my day! I’m sipping a cuppa Organic Chamomile Herbal Tea RIGHT now! So Soothing.

Hubby really enjoyed the Organic Assam Tea! It’s an Organic Breakfast Tea and a perfect alternative to coffee! He said it was NOT bitter and had no aftertaste. He liked that the sachet had a strong string!


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