Posted by: winterwitch | September 7, 2009

Zhu Zhu & Flying Giggles & Lollipops Giveaway

Zhu Zhu Pets- Review and Giveaway

When my brother and I were kids, we would ride our bikes to the pet store and browse around, dreaming of all the cool pets we wanted. One day, I decided I was getting a hamster. I am not sure why I did not run my brilliant idea by my parents, but I guess I figured if it was my hard earned money, I can do what I please with it. My brother and I purchased everything I needed to house and care for my new best friend, my hamster. I have no idea what made me think my parents would let me have one. They had already been down that road with my oldest brother. His hamster escaped. We always found signs of it-chewed up carpet and clothes, but we never found the hamster. Needless to say as soon as we got home with our hamster supplies, my mom made us go right back to the store and return everything

Every child has the dream of having a pet of their own. Every parent knows that ultimately, when the novelty of the new pet wears off, the responsibility of caring for the pet always falls back on the parents. I do not know about you, but I already have enough mouths to feed, bedding to change and bottoms to clean. The last thing I need is pet to care for. This is where Zhu Zhu Pets enter the picture. Brilliant! A hamster that does not need any of the maintaining, only the entertaining. Zhu Zhu Pets are just that, so entertaining. My daughters both enjoy watching this little interactive battery-operated hamster zoom around the room and through it’s playsets. My cat is even super curious when our little Pipsqueak runs by her.


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