Posted by: winterwitch | September 9, 2009

Go Graham Go & The Children’s Place Giveaway

Jump Start Back to School with The Children’s Place Gift Card GIVEAWAY!

The Children’s Place

Tuesday, September 08, 2009 Posted by Felicia

One of the places we love to shop for Graham is The Children’s Place. I know that most of my readers are familiar with this store. It is definitely where we go when we are looking for a special outfit, jackets, and coats! We have even picked up some pretty cute winter hats there.

The Children’s Place is nice because it seems like they are constantly running sales and have some very affordable options. Right now they have a summer sale where items are $2.99 and under! You can’t find those kinds of prices in a consignment store! They have also come out with some pretty adorable Halloween costumes for the kiddos!

For back to school, they have put out some adorable styles! I love the look of the Pattern Play outfits for Big Boys and the Art Star look for Big Girls. Graham was sent a pair of the carpenter jeans. Jeans are such a staple item for back to school! Again, you can pick them up for a bargain for 2 for $22! Keep in mind that the boys jeans tend to run larger on Graham (not sure if that would be true for everyone).

I like to shop online at The Children’s Place before I head to the store to get an idea of what is available. This helps me two ways: save money and save time! You can get an idea of items that mix and match well from the outfits that they put together for you on the website. Being able to be flexible with clothing is a great way to save money. When you go in the store with a game plan, you are going to save! You’ve got to love a website and store that helps take the grunt work out of back to school clothes shopping for you!



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