Posted by: winterwitch | September 9, 2009

Pour Some Sugar On Me & Sanrio Giveaway

I have been using Hello Kitty {Sanrio} products since I was a itty bitty girl. I remember going to the store with my mom and staring at all the rows and rows of Hello Kitty gear! It was a lot like paradise seeing so many purses, pencils, erasers, markers, etc. Now there’s so much more to Hello Kitty! She’s got friends that adorn all their own cool products…there’s Pochacco, Badtz-Maru, Chococat, Keroppi, Kuromi, DeeryLou, My Melody, Cinamoroll, and MORE!
You know a company is a BIG DEAL when even cats are dressing up as their hero, Hello Kitty!
Sanrio was founded in 1960, and stores popped up in the Western Hemisphere in 1976. In America there’s 4,000+ stores that sell Sanrio character products! The heart of the company’s focus is gift-giving. That’s what the company was born about…GIFTS! Sanrio offers darling gifts that bring amazing smiles.

The most amazing places to purchase Hello Kitty merchandise are the Sanrio Boutiques. There’s one here in Vegas where I am, and I could spend all day in there with my kids. I might even find more to buy than them! Heehee. =0)

Sanrio is currently celebrating 35 years of operations, so they even have more amazing products than usual. It’s time to buy limited edition items! My favorite makeup line, M-A-C, has teamed up with Hello Kitty in the past to offer some awesome cosmetics. How cool is that?!?!


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