Posted by: winterwitch | September 13, 2009

I Do Not Plagiarize I Don’t Need To

One popular blogger informed me I’m plagiarizing.  It was at first a nice email but I was a bit disgruntled over it.  I admit I’m a bit new to this blogging and entering thing.  I have stumbled through and have had many wins.  I understand the law of averages.  I am NOT uneducated.  I am an ex corporate mom.  I do not tell many people this.  It’s none of their business.  I am mad however over the fact that I entered a bloggers giveaways MANY in fact.  Have never seen a winner name come through her feed nor can I find the winners on her blog.  I have never won from this blogger either.  Could be fluke yes I know however when I tweeted my ass off and worked hard to do this and that for those entries I can’t help but think mayyyyyybe just mayyyyybe something isn’t right.

I was also left a mysterious anonymous note on my blog that perhaps my hostess would appreciate me more if I did not plagiarize and created my own blogging about her item.  Seriously if that’s what it takes I can’t do it.  I have a husband, family, and house to take care of.  I’m doing this because I cannot go back to work yet and have you seen the cut throatness over corporate?  It’s not a great time for a mom who hasn’t been in corporate for 10 years to be searching.

My bitch is this…..Is someone accountable of the winners?  Or are is there a secret mom group?  IDK but I’m done entering her blog.  She gloats on her numbers well take one off hunny!

PS:  I’m actually a published writer 😉 in real lol.



  1. Take 2 off sweet cheeks.
    That’s mean, and her blog loads slow to boot.

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