Posted by: winterwitch | October 16, 2009

Hide Your Daughters Ladies

I haven’t posted any money saving tips, tricks or anything else this week because I just didn’t feel like it.  Fact is things are super tight in our household right now and it causes aggravation from all sides.  My husband who I have christened UNPrinceCharming aka Frog was mad at me this week and gave me the brush off because he didn’t know where all of our pay check went.

So me the Queen Bee (tee hee) made him a list of where every last cent went.  Now he’s trying to save face but I’m thinking I have PMS.  Things were made worse by son #1 who is 12 and spilled dinner all over the floor last night, it was late, and he had boy scouts so we settled on McDonalds and the whole time Frog kept asking what was wrong.  UnPrinceCharmings are so thick in the skull sometimes.

Then last night son #2 7 for some reason used the sink faucet to pull himself  up on the counter and yep you guessed it water shot to the ceiling and he just stood there screaming.

Hide your daughters ladies my 2 young UnPrinceCharmings will be someones frogs someday and I will not be the mother in law that sides with frogs no sir reee bob.


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